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My name is Militsa, my friends and family call me Mila. My friends in the fitness niche know me better as a Milaonsupplements. This whole thing about "Mila on Supplements" started in my early 20s. My first dietary supplement to try was L-Carnitine, I was 16 years old, and I loved the boost in energy this magic pill gave me. This entire new feeling of "added energy" unlocked my curiosity about the world of supplements. I became not only someone who tested various supplements but also a knowledge seeker. This is how I started this blog, out of my love and curiosity for the supplements I am constantly testing. Enjoy my whole story below.


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Sports Certifications

I am a practitioner of Christian Thibaudeau's Neurotyping System. I took all his Neurotyping classes, and I am now certified in this field. It is a never-ending learning process and practice.

NEUROTYPING: The Founding Principles
NEUROTYPING The Founding Principles
NEUROTYPING: Assessment and Program Design
NEUROTYPING Assessment and Program Design
NEUROTYPING: Nutrition and Supplementation
NEUROTYPING Nutrition and Supplementation
Movement optimization Specialist Program

Certification in-progress.

Get to Know Me

These are the 5 fundamental articles I've written about who am I, what I eat, how I train, what supplements I take, and why I the chose minimalist fitness approach. You will learn a lot about me from these 5 articles.

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