iHerb Promo Code for New and Returning Customers.

No matter if you are a new customer or returning customer, you can always use iHerb promo code KOV618 to save:

  • $5 USD if you are a new customer.
  • 5% off for any other order you make.

After clicking, the coupon will be applied automatically at checkout.

6 New iHerb Discount Codes

1) Save $5 Off Your 1st Order

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Here is what you need to know about iHerb

The most comprehensive guide on iHerb shopping and saving with iHerb discount code KOV618.

About iHerb

iHerb USA is one of the biggest and most competitive companies for health, beauty, and sports products. The company carries over 30,000 different types of vitamins, supplements, and health foods.

iHerb USA and updates its product line continually and carries in-house brands like: Madre Labs, California Gold Nutrition, Sierra Bees, iHerb Goods, Mild By Nature, California Xtracts, Azelique, Just a Leaf Organic Tea, Fungiology.

iHerbs products are typical with up to 30% lower than its competitors.

Free & 95% off Shipping

Both international shipping and domestic are fast, dependable and on time, whether you live in the USA or abroad. iHerb Free shipping is often available for orders as low as $20 USD for domestic shipping. For customers outside the United States, receive up to 95% off standard international shipping rates on select orders.

Free shipping is also often available to select countries for orders over $40 USD.
iHerb offers both low-cost and fast shipping options all over the world. If you live in the United States (lower 48) the best option is often Priority Airmail. Outside the continental US, international customers often see their orders within days, not weeks.

Products to Buy From iHerb?

You can buy anything from iHerb com, as long as it is a natural and healthy product. The main categories are: Supplements, Herbs, Bath, Beauty, Grocery, Baby, Sports.

Did you know iHerb carries over 30,000 different types of vitamins, supplements and health foods? Order the same name brand products popular throughout the health industry, at prices typically twenty to thirty percent less expensive. You might discover great products you never knew existed.

Because of their huge buying power, this means extra savings passed onto you. In fact, if you compare iHerb with other leading online sellers like Vitacost or Lucky Vitamins, you’ll see who is best!

Natural Brands

Use your code to shop for the best natural supplements and healthy formulas. Each time customers shop iHerb, they benefit from the state-of-the-art GMP facility located in California. The vitamins and herbs shipped from there represent some of the best iHerb real techniques deals found anywhere!

With prices that run only 60-70% of what most health outlets charge, it’s best to stock up your cart. Choose from respected brands like Rainbow Light, Doctor’s Best, Natural Factors, Nature’s Way, and Jarrow Formulas.

iHerbs Rewards Program

Would you like to earn credit for every purchase you make? It’s easy when you join the rewards program. After you become an iHerbs customer, simply share your 6 digit code with friends, relatives, and family to earn extra rewards.

Each time someone uses your iherb discount code for the first time, you will get 10% into your account from your referrals order total.

iHerbs Review

Do you wonder what to shopback from iHerb with your iherb discount code in the USA? No worries.

Here are my suggestions: iHerb melatonin, vitamin d, coconut oil, argan oil, iHerb DHEA, tea tree oil, manuka honey, iHerb b12, fish oil iHerb, creatine, apple cider vinegar, quest bars, CLA, pomegranate iHerb, xylitol, milk thistle iHerb, zinc drops, stevia, maca powder, kefir grains, chia seeds.

New! Trial Pricing

That’s right – many beauty products, food, and nutrition products are available as super low-cost trials.

Simply visit this page to choose your trial items.

A few of the offers include superfoods, digestive care, and the occasional sleep aid. Keep in mind that iHerb does charge for shipping on all trial products, so order with care

iHerb Website

How to Save $5 + 5% off Your Order

To take advantage of the maximum savings:

  1. 1) Apply your iHerb coupon code by clicking one of the buttons above which activates the discount.
  2. 2) Place items in your shopping cart.
  3. 3) Upon checkout, your discount is automatically applied.
  4. 4) First-time customers save $5 on their orders. All customers receive 5% credit for future orders.

Here’s how the discount works

For all first-time orders, receive $5 off plus 5% for any other order you make. Often the company runs other special promos as well.

Different specials run at different times, but the $5 + 5% iHerb coupon code is usually the best promotion available.

Note: iHerb coupon code for new and returning customers is KOV618 and gives you a $5 + 5% discount for your first and any other order.

iHerb USA Useful Information

FREE Shipping For All Orders Over $20.00 to the United States: iHerbs Shipping to the United States is fast, on time, and dependable anywhere in the country.

The FREE shipping option is available for orders over US$20 through Expedited and PO BOX or APO Address.

Up to 95% off standard international shipping rates. iHerbs also offers both low-cost and fast shipping options through DHL and UPS all over the world. 

iHerb ships directly to shoppers in the United States and over 150 countries from their warehouses in the U.S. iHerb com is committed to providing its customers a fast and worry-free international shipping experience.

Available Shipping Options to US: UPS, Expedited, PO BOX, or APO Address.

Available Payment Methods: PayPal, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, BC.

Shipping Time to the US:

1) Expedited - FREE for orders over $20. Estimated Delivery Time: 2-5 business days. 

2) PO BOX or APO Address - FREE for orders over $20. Orders of $80 or less, max 6 lbs., APO takes up to 4 weeks.

3) UPS - 2-Day, Next Day, or Expedited.


There has been a 100% success rate in 2021 for discounts activated for first-time customers, with over 4,735 in total.

iHerb is the best in the online business currently, as seen in this article. It is rated at 4.65 out of 598 great reviews by the Price Grabber. If you are planning to purchase any of your favorite supplements online, choose iHerb.com.

You can place your order today, and the products will be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the world. If you have not tried the natural supplements and useful formulas on iHerb yet, you are missing out on great products. 

Frequently asked questions

Is There Still An iHerb $10 OFF Code? - There Is a $5 iHerb Coupon

Many customers are wondering if iHerb still offers $10 OFF for their first-time customers. The answer is no. iHerb has changed its policy. First-time customers do not longer receive $10 dollars when applying an iherb coupon before checkout. Instead, you will receive a $5 dollars discount (first-order) + 5% loyalty credit (cash back) for every order you place. Your iherb loyalty credit will be deposited into your account and you can use it as an iherb discount for your next purchase.

Where To Enter My iHerb Coupon Code?

If you have been wondering where to enter your iherb coupon code, below is a screenshot of the exact place.

Is There Any iHerb Discount Coupon For Free International Shipping?

Unfortunately, iHerb doesn't offer any coupons for free international shipping. Fortunately, iHerb offers free shipping and huge discounts on shipping via airmail, DHL, and UPS.

Is There Any iHerb Voucher Code?

iHerb does not offer voucher codes or at least not covering the meaning of a gift card or a voucher you can give to someone for a present. Instead of the voucher code, there is an iherb discount code which they send from time to time. They also run every week special discounts.

What Is An iHerb First-Time Customer Coupon?

The iherb first-time customer coupon is a discount code for $5 dollars off on your total order. The discount will be applied immediately upon applying the code before checkout.

Is There an iHerb Discount Code For Existing Customers?

Yes. There are iHerb discount codes for existing customers. You have to register first and use code KOV618 for 5% OFF any purchase you make with this promo code.

iHerb Europe

iHerb offers international shipping to all countries in Europe. The international shipping rates start from $4 dollars.

iHerb Affiliate

iHerb Affiliate program is called the iHerb Rewards Program. After you make your first purchase from the iHerb website you will receive your personal rewards code and access to your iherb rewards account. To have a rewards account you have to make a purchase and apply an iherb discount code KOV618 before you checkout.

iHerb Cashback - Loyalty Credit (iHerb Rewards Payment)

According to the iHerb's policy, iHerb Cashback (iHerb rewards payment) is eligible when a minimum sum of $300 USD is reached. Payments are being made via check or bank transfer.

iHerb Rewards

iHerb Rewards Program gives you the chance to earn some extra cash. For every customer that places an order through your link, or uses your personal code, you will receive 5% rewards (cashback) from your referral order total. To start earning money you need to be a registered user. You also need to make a purchase first, when it is completed you will receive your unique referral code. You can start sharing it and earning money.

iHerb Referral Code

iHerb referral code is a 6-digit unique code that you receive after you make your first purchase from iHerb.com. When you receive one you can start sharing it and earning money.

General Information About iHerb Shipping Services

iHerb shipping services are available worldwide. You can check how much it will cost the shipping to your country by logging into your account. iHerb free shipping is available only for the US when your order total is $20 USD.

General Information About iHerb Delivery Time

iHerb delivery is very fast. I usually receive it within 7-10 days by airmail which is absolutely great. The shipping costs me less than $4 USD.

Does iHerb Offers Free Samples?

Absolutely! If you are a first-time customer you can get one of these products for free. Get one of them from here. For your next order, you can try iherb trial price products from here.

Which Are The Best iHerb Supplements?

Some of the best iherb supplements and best selling products are: iHerb vitamin c, iHerb fish oil, iHerb vitamins, Astaxanthin from iHerb. Take a look at iHerb.com vitamins supplements & natural health products here.

Which Is The Best iHerb Cosmetics?

iHerb offers a great range of cosmetics and natural beauty products. Some of the best iherb cosmetics products are: Acure Organics, Madre Labs, Madre Magic, Azelique.

iHerb Sale

iHerb sale can be found on the iHerb special page for clearance. Up to 90% discounts. Take a look at Special Deals, Clearance Items, Limited-Time Offers here.

iHerb App

iHerb app is available for Android and iOS (Apple iPhones). Go to the iHerb.com website, scroll to the bottom of any page and you will see the available options for download.

iHerb Warehouse

iHerb.com is one of the world's largest online store for natural products. iHerb has been in business since 1996 and iherb warehouse is situated in two distribution centers, based in California and Kentucky. Learn more here.

iHerb Reviews

iHerb shows honest customer product reviews at iherb.com. Unlike retailers that display third-party reviews, all of their reviews are written by iHerb customers. The cool thing is that in order to write a review, you must have ordered the product from iHerb first. This means you receive honest and candid iherb.com reviews, thereby helping you make a smarter buying decision. You can find the reviews at the bottom of each product.

iHerb Specials

"iHerb specials" is a page for special offers and discounts. Take a look at Special Deals, Clearance Items, Limited-Time Offers here.

iHerb Promo

iHerb promo is a page for special offers and discounts. Take a look at Special Deals, Clearance Items, Limited-Time Offers here.

What To Buy From iHerb?

You can practically buy everything from iHerb. Some of the best iherb products, for example, are their in-house brands: Sierra Bees, Madre Labs, California Gold Nutrition, Mild by Nature, Madre Magic, Fungiology, iHerb Goods, California Xtracts, Just a Leaf Organic Tea, Azelique. iHerb offers supplements, sports products, beauty products, baby products, grocery, pets products. Check them out here.

iHerb Customer Service

iHerb customer service is very good and adequate. I always use them when I have any issue with my orders and I always receive top service. If you are having any trouble with orders or you want to ask them a question, contact iherb via this page.

iHerb Live Chat

iHerb offers live chat with their customer support. This service is very fast and you don't have to wait minutes before a representative contacts you. If you are having any trouble with orders or you want to ask them a question, contact iherb via this page.

iHerb Order

To make an order from iHerb you must first be a registered user. To register go here.

iHerb Login

To log in to your account, you must first be a registered user. To register go here.

Does iHerb Offer Money Back Guarantee

iHerb offers a 100% money-back guarantee on their in-house brands, which are triple-tested, U.S.-made. Learn more here.